Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Word(less words) Wednesday: A (Cross-Cultural) Constellation of Madonnas

Madonna of Soweto
After the previous Madonna With Twins post my curiosity was piqued about others, and after I started composing this 'Wordless Wednesday' article, couldn't help but weigh in a bit. It took minimal searching to find a number of 'Madonna and Child' images that were close to the original artwork but I've been more interested in gaining an understanding on how this Holy dyad is depicted and experienced on a larger, more global level -- around the world, and how it reflects those different social and sub/cultural ideas and locations. Below are some of the images I've come across so far -- all linked to the sites where I found them, and you can continue to conduct your own research as well. Also, I don't know enough about the figures to know why some are breastfeeding -- which is what initially caught my attention about the Virgin, while others are not and what the significance of that is within the context, but I'd definitely be interested in finding out. I may do more research if I can get around to it, but in the meantime check this post often, because I may update it when I come across others -- there's a countless amount out there, and they vary even within cultures and within religions. It's so fascinating, and such an awesome example of seeing how these are projected through each creator or on-looker's cultural lens.


Adriaen Isenbrant - The Virgin Nursing the Christ Child
My friend took this image on his visit to New Orleans Museum of Art. 3/13/13

                          Madonna and Child by David Forte                Apache Virgin and Child

                               Isis/Auset and Horus                       Soup's On Madonna and Child

                            Indian Madonna and Child                          By Olga Polun, 2008

                        African Madonna and Child.                           Massai Madonna and Child
                               Country not specified.              

                           'Gladys and Elizabeth'                      Moghul 'Hennaed Madonna and Child'

                         Lunar Madonna                                             Virgin and Child, Ethopian

                      Black Madonna and Child, Nigeria                           Madre Mestiza

                      Madonna and Baby Jesus 'Dave'                  Black Madonna of Czestochowa

                                Hawaiian Madonna and Child                  Japanese Madonna and Child

                      Philippine Madonna and Child                                Madonna and Child of Thailand

                               Mali Virgin and Child                          Haitian Madonna and Child

                     Black Madonna and Child, Tanzania                    Chinese Virgin and Christ Child

                     Skeleton Madonna and Child                            Zombie Madonna and Child   

                Black Madonna by Charles Bibbs

       Haitian Madonna and Child                                Madonna and Child Storm Trooper