Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Nursing while DETOXING

I just finished reading a book on the Master Cleanse -- one with a review that will show up on this blog in just a little while. I came across the section where the author talks about his client's concerns -- and one of them was if it is possible to do a cleanse while pregnant or nursing.

If you're unsure of what the Master Cleanse is exactly -- also called the Lemonade Diet, it is a system where, in the book I read, consisted of a regimen of drinking nothing over the course of at least 10 days (some people do a long as 40, and more), except a concoction  of water, maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper -- and taking herbal laxatives. People master cleanse for various reasons, but this monodiet is said to eliminate all toxic waste from the body. The author has a very small segment on it:

If women can do the Master Cleanse safely, then they can also do it when they are pregnant or nursing. One friend of mine did the Master Cleanse 5 times in a row for 10 days each, for a total of 50 days, during her pregnancy (with intervals of regular eating in between, of course). another friend did it 3 times for 10 days each, with no ill effects whatsoever. Both women had quick births and delivered healthy babies. 

I wonder exactly how this works, since breastfeeding burns at least 500 calories per day, and wonder about the levels of energy, at the very least. Below are a few threads on the topic, some questions, some message boards and have various opinions -- including releasing all of those toxins into breastmilk, but I haven't found one where someone said they successfully completed the cleanse.

I also  found this video

It seems like most of the threads and other information I've come across seem to not support doing the Master Cleanse while breastfeeding for various reasons. But what do you know? Ever done, or know anyone who has gone on the Lemonade Diet while nursing?