Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Consultant Courses: Medical Terminology and Abbreviations = Done! + Winner

I took the Medical Terminology and Abbreviations course online on Sunday. Go me! So  that means one general education course is completed! Yeah! The course is offered online by the University of North Carolina Center for Public Health and it's free!

I have to be honest that hearing all of the medical terms and the descriptions of some of the ailments kinda grossed me out. My stomach is so weak and I tend to get woozy now that I'm older, but nevertheless I traversed!

There's a pre-test on the site, and I thought I was doing something wrong thinking of this test before the lesson began (I know, dork). I guess they want to gauge how well you did before and then when you take another short test after they will know if you actually sat through the presentation (something like that, I'm sure). 

Five more Continuing Ed courses to go, and of course, the regular courses, which I'm already so excited about. I can't wait until school starts!

The winner of 

 Terry Jo Curtis!


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UPDATE July 16
New winner: Robynthemama

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