Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Becoming A Breastfeeding Counselor: Still Waiting. . .

Last week on Wednesday I sent a short letter to Breastfeeding USA about becoming a breastfeeding counselor. It was an unusual letter, I'm sure, since I was asking about becoming a breastfeeding counselor in spite of the personal experience requirement of having and breastfeeding children.

Well, I can only imagine the reasons I have yet to hear back from them after eight days, which is like an eternity in cyber world, and I'm not that suspicious, but can only think of a few reasons why I have been in a virtual waiting room for so long -- online companies usually respond in 24-48 hours, no? Well, in case for some odd reason they did not receive my initial letter, I inserted the link into the second inquiry that I sent just today: 


Last week I sent a letter inquiring about becoming a breastfeeding counselor through Breastfeeding USA. My initial request can be viewed here.

It has been eight days since that initial letter and I still have not received a response from someone from this organization. I am interested in becoming an accredited breastfeeding counselor in the meantime while I work towards my ultimate goal of Certified Lactation Consultant, and believe in spite of the fact that I do not have children, this should not be a hindrance, since this would be such a great move in the right direction -- raising more breastfeeding awareness and to getting more people to join in. Please consider this and my initial request while I continue awaiting a reply.

Thanks again

Continue to keep an eye out for the update. When I know what they say, you'll know.

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