Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Word(less words) Wednesday: Pictures Prospective Students Take #2! "and my breasts feed these kings"

I have to be honest with you that I don't remember exactly what this is called. All 
I know is that when I went to visit the Anthropology Department last week, outside 
of my advisor's door is this multi-layered collage of Africa/n Culture. 
I remember the professor said something about seeing Africa and African people for 
who they are and what it is, and not simply the exoticized place that is often in many 
of our imaginations. It also has something to do with working with HIV/AIDS.
But among this insanely awesome and extremely educational and representational
creation, with three or four layers of imagery
It never fails, that my eyes seem to somehow zero in on some area of my
work, regardless of what else happens to be around. 
And I just had to share that. I really am drawn to this work. Literally.