Friday, December 21, 2012

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Guest Post: Baby Health Care-Essential Skin Care Tips for Your Newborn

A baby will make you love stronger, your home happier, and the future worth living for. A new born baby creates a cheerful environment in the home. They possess sensitive and delicate skin. For the parents, it is important to understand that skin care is compulsory for the new born baby for their health and growth. Keep your babies well nourished. Until ten to fifteen weeks after their birth the production of melanin is at a lower rate in their body. This makes their skin sensitive to external ventures. A newborn baby is born with a special protective cover known as vernix. This cover will peel off in the first week.

Chemicals, and dyes in baby products like detergents, cloths and others are the main reasons for rashes, skin allergies, and dryness. Hence you should care about the products that are used on your baby's skin. Before taking the baby in your hands, wash your hand properly with hand wash. Regularly massage your baby’s body. For this purpose make use of organic and natural oils. Here are the various tips for new born baby skin care.

The first thing you have to do is avoid the use of baby products. You have to strictly say 'no' to baby products for a few months if your family has suffered from skin problems. The baby’s immune system takes sufficient time to develop, and most of the baby products have chemicals and fragrances. Since the immune system of a baby is not fully developed these chemicals may cause allergies and rashes. Wash baby clothes separately.

After bathing her, use a fresh, soft and clean cloth. Maintain separate towels and cloths for baby, and keep her well moisturised by applying moisturiser. Change diapers frequently to protect her from diaper rashes. Trim finger nails of the baby to protect her from scratches on her face and eyes. To trim the nails, make use of a baby nail file. If you find rashes on your baby’s skin it is better to check with another brand of diaper before going to consult a doctor. Don’t use baby products which are alcohol based, as they cause skin irritations.

A sponge bath is preferable for babies, as they do not get dirty frequently. For this, clean just the diaper area with a little cleanser or water. The best idea is to use popular brands. Because all we know that health is the real wealth, it will not be a bad idea to spend for health. Even if these products cost a little more the use of these products is preferable.

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