Thursday, January 12, 2012

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The Nipple Milk Jug?: Oh. Em. Gee.!!

I won't even post an image here because I'm just all kinds of grossed out! So here's a link and you can see for yourself the hideous thing that gave me goosebumps and forced me to have a shot of rum. There's even a video on YouTube, where you can sit around and watch it drip milk in the presence of kittens, which I guess is part of the stimuli said to trigger the production.

Well, it's definitely unlike any other, and I would love to know what possessed its designer, Christine Chin, to come up with a pitcher/jug complete with nipples surrounding the piece -- its even got hair at the bottom. To me, it's not one of things that make you go "hmmmmm," but "what the hell was she thinking?" I'm almost sorry I found this while on the feminist site minding my own beeswax, just before I clicked. But apparently I'm not the only one whose skin crawled, since ca designs called it "The absolute WORST, most horrifying, ugliest product we've seen possibly in our entire lives"-- and the feministe blog uttered something along those same lines, and I agree. It's so disgusting I can't even stop laughing. Ya, I support mammary glands and milk production, but come on now, a nipple milk jug?  Really? Well, I'm sure someone attracted to this God-awful thing will get a kick out of it, but that someone just ain't me. For real. Seriously, though. yuck!