Thursday, June 23, 2011

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The Volunteer Meeting: One Down

So how about the bad news first, eh? There are no opportunities for any volunteer hours at hospital number one. Excuse me, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available at hospital number one, just nothing specific to breastfeeding. The long-awaited email that took over one month inviting those interested to the initial volunteer meeting -- the first step in volunteering at this hospital, happened yesterday. And from the list of options, the closest to nursing mothers I would get is volunteering in Labor & Delivery providing assistance at the reception desk and taking family members and patients' children to the play room. It is NPC, or, deciphering their hospital lingo, No Patient Contact. 

The hospital does not have a neo-natal unit, and I was told there was no area for what I was interested in, though I could sign up and there may be something in the future -- just how far in the future? I don't know.

I admit it was kind of a bummer since I was really excited and waited so long to hear back, and I really thought this was a plus, but I'm still glad I went since I got the chance to meet a couple of neat ladies who I talked about breastfeeding culture with, one who convinced me to give Women, Infants, Children (WIC) a try, which I will be calling before the week is up. I remember calling them before, but couldn't remember why I didn't volunteer until now -- their funding was cut for a specific breastfeeding advocacy program -- one that may have otherwise had a space just for me. But that was a couple of months ago and things could have changed. I'm calling back. 

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