I am an independent representative for Painted Sky Soap. PSS is a small, local and family-owned business with five employees, with roots in Northern California. After meeting the owner, and having my interest piqued about goat's milk I conducted my own research and here are a few things I learned:

  • Goat's milk it similar to human milk in its digestibility. 
  • Goat's milk is a natural anti-inflammatory, naturally treats acne, can soothe inflammation and dry skin, has alpha hydroxyl that works naturally to exfoliate the skin, reduces wrinkles
  • Goat's milk is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins like C, B1, B6, B12, and E 
  • Goat’s milk has the closest PH level to our skin, helping to avert skin irritants and infections.
  • Unlike cow's milk, it is digestible for humans. In fact, more and more research is suggesting that  goat's milk be used, even in infant formula instead of the current cow's milk because of all of the benefits.
  • Most commercial products and soaps extract glycerin to sell separately. These natural soaps retain glycerin which is a humectant that works to pull the moisture from the air into our skin. 


Like I said, those are only a few benefits. I was very intrigued by the information I learned, as well as by the story of the owner of Painted Sky Soap, his farming background, and his reciprocal relationship with his goat herd. I was also relieved when I learned that the palm oil, which is used in some of the products, is not the product of rainforest degradation, but farmed from sustainable plantations, harvested specifically for these types of products.

The benefits of the milk could not escape me; raw goat's milk is nourishing for our bodies. In fact, far from any of these soaps being used to just 'clean us' us, goat milk is actually contributing to our overall health -- physical, mental, environmental and others. And because everything we put on our skin, our largest organ, is absorbed into our bloodstream is one of the reasons why I choose to use these and is also why I became an independent representative. Another one is that I believe there is  strong connection with this and my breastmilk work. 

Items in image from L to R: Lavender Lotion 4 oz, Unscented Lotion 4 oz, Peppermint Foot & Elbow Cream
4 oz, Unscented Foot & Elbow Cream, Dead Sea Mud Mask, Ultimate Luxury Facial Bar, Vegetable Soup
 Facial Bar, Clear Complexion (For Acne), Foot Fetish Pumice Scrub, Bug Off, Facial Scrub (Normal to Oily), Conditioning Lip Balms.